In My Pod

S'been awhile since I've posted music I'm grooving on - I get so much of it that I don't know why I don't do it anymore.

Along time ago, in a far away land, a young girl was addicted to Lifehouse.  As in, listened to their albums so stinkin' much I could quote you every line from every song.  (It's been a long time so don't ask me to do that now).  But I loved - love - them! And I looooove Jason Wade's voice.  However, I try not to make it a habit to buy every album from every band I love.  I like to branch out (there is so much amazing stuff out there) and it would get quite expensive.  I do that for two bands and two bands only: Incubus and Greg Laswell - no questions asked. So I stopped buying Lifehouse' after Stanley Climbfall was released and would just enjoy their main hits on the radio.

But then I caught them on Live with Kelly and Michael last week whilst doing a little laundry (whilst the babe stole and threw my laundry everywhere) and I HAD to get this song.  Takes me back to college when I listened to them on a regular basis :)

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